Wendy Powell

Wendy Powell is a voice actress for FUNimation Entertainment in Texas. It’s one of the biggest recording studios for Japanese animation dubs. The company has had many titles that have gone straight to the number one spot in most anime fans' hearts. Big titles include: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT and Fullmetal Alchemist in which she plays well known character, Envy. Other titles she has worked on include: Fruits Basket, Basilisk, Peach Girl, Tsubasa and many others. She also voices for Illunitoons Productions.


When first meeting Wendy, you automatically get the impression of her being a free spirit, and Wendy’s first love has always been the theater. Her passion for it is so overwhelming, you get sucked into her world and how she describes what it is she loves to do. If she never took a break for sleeping, or eating, you can rest assured you would find her acting, whether it be in a booth or on the stage. She also is a commercial actress, and would love to get into film work.


Her first love of theater has become even greater now that she is teaching drama/theater classes at Marsh Middle School.


The main thing she would most likely want you to know is, Thanks for being a fan, have fun, and love life!


Also check out the Wendy’s project page for her class of talented Pipsqueaks and help put if you can. http://helpthepipsqueaks.webs.com/