SANA first began his career as guitarist of the popular visual kei band MASK. However, in 2006 MASK went on hiatus and SANA made the decision to continue his career as a soloist.

In 2010, SANA became an official band member of Kαin as a guitarist. Never afraid of a challenge or too much work, SANA began the project “Seiyuu Meets Visual Kei”  in 2012 with renowned voice actors Kazuki Yao and Hiroaki Takahashi. He has already performed across Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe, the USA and many more. SANA has even had the experience of modeling for Kera in 2013, Tritt fur Tritt in 2014, and most recently the famous lolita brand BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT in Berlin, Germany in 2016. As a very talented and creative person, SANA is unstoppable.

SANA has performed over 115 overseas concerts in 20 counties, and by summer of 2018, he will have reached over 150 performances in foreign countries.

At the end of 2017, he embarked on a tour all across Russia that would last until April 2018, giving him the most Russian performances of any artist in Japan.


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