OhKay or Kaylee is a gamer, dj, and nerd. A native Tulsan, Her career in DJ'ing started in 2008 playing small bars and clubs around the state. She quickly exploded playing Conventions and clubs across the United States. After a brief hiatus from performing live to focus on enjoying the little things in life, she has re-entered the scene with a reinvigorated love for music and the art of DJing.


For fun she plays many different games, and for a number of years was a successful streamer on Twitch but has decided to spend more time getting back into music. She loves to play FPS's and rhythm games especially in competitive settings.


Her years of experience in clubs, raves, and convention dance halls has helped her hone the ability to mix, scratch, and make everyone shake their butts.


Kaylee has spent years attending Tokyo In Tulsa in various ways, and is super excited to be back at her favorite con this year to bring music and happiness to everyone she can. If you see her out and about make sure to wave and say hi!