2018 Maid Cafe

Maid Cafe

Hosted by

Blue Velvet Cafe

Cox Business Center Ballroom B

Saturday, July 14: 11-12 & 12:30-1:30

Sunday, July 15:  11-12 and 1-2


Welcome to The Blue Velvet Cafe by FoxMoon Productions. As you enter the softly lit room you are greeted and escorted to your seat where you will be served by The Blue Velvet Cafe Maids. They are at your call should you need anything during your stay as they serve you your choice of their extensive tea collection and a variety of delicious treats. You can sit back and enjoy being served in the elegance of this experience.


Cost: $15

Purchase tickets

(Unless you are a Sakura Pass member in which case the price of one of The Maid Cafes is included with your Sakura Pass Membership. Show your membership badge to the Blue Velvet Cafe host at the door.  Enjoy!!)





  • Green Tea Cupcakes with honey-buttercream icing & honey granules
  • Cinnamon-Orange Creme Brûlée with crispy sweet wonton strips
  • Mochi Sweet Rice Cakes with fruit puree
  • White Chocolate-Raspberry Profiteroles with crushed pistachios & fresh reapberries
  • Vanilla Cheesecake Xango's with cool caramel
  • Petite Strawberry shortcakes on petite biscuit with a dollop of cream


The dress code for the Maid Cafe is not strictly enforced: Cosplay, Lolita, Lolita Cosplay, normal everyday clothing are all welcome. As long as your outfit meets the dress code guidelines of the convention you are welcome to attend once you have purchased a ticket.