Iron Cosplay Contest

INFORMATION: The Iron Cosplay Contest is based on costume construction. Enter this contest if you wish to show off your construction and teamworking skills. NOTE: If less than four entries are received, the Iron Cosplay Contest prizes will be altered accordingly. In the event of this occurrence, the prizes for this category will be divided up accordingly amongst the “1st Place” placement and the other contests.


1. Eligibility:

  • Anyone may enter in the IRON COSPLAY CONTEST event, excluding Tokyo in Tulsa staff.
  • ENTRIES WILL BE CAPPED AT FIVE GROUPS OF FOUR PEOPLE. If you cannot find three others to be in a group with, we will place you in a group to fill the numbers.


2. General Rules:

  • The IRON COSPLAY CONTEST is based on the creativity of the contestants to construct a costume from the provided materials and keep with the contest theme.
  • Costumes must cover at least as much area as a bikini—NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a family-friendly event.
  • Teams will be made up of four (4) per group. If need be, we will place people into groups during sign ups to fill positions.



3. Iron Cosplay Contest Guidelines:

  • Contestants will have to sketch out a reference photo and build a costume with provided materials to match an announced theme.
  • And “special item” may come into play that will need to be incorporated into the costume.



4. Judging:

  • Costumes will be judged at the end on the construction period and will be judged on 1. how well they are made, 2. how well they keep with the theme, and 3. how creative the use of the “special item” was.



5. Winners:

  • Winners for the IRON COSPLAY CONTEST event will be announced after the IRON COSPLAY CONTEST event has concluded.
  • Winners will be asked to stay after the contest for congratulatory pictures.
  • A list of winners will be uploaded to the Tokyo in Tulsa Facebook page.


***Rules are subject to change at any point prior to Tokyo in Tulsa 2019.