Cosplayer of the Month

September's winner:

Courtney Mills

Hello! I am Ronin Karasu aka kimono senpia! I love to cosplay and probably been cosplaying for about 10 years now. I cosplay everything from video games to anime to a few comics! My favorite thing about conventions is competing but not just that. I love the fact that I make friends backstage while waiting to go on stage. These people have become my best friends. It's also a great way to calm your nerves when you are nervous .  These people are usually just as nervous as you are  and  it helps them out as much as you ! I also love finding people who cosplay the same thing I do . They are the best people you know why ? They have as much passion, as I do, for a character  to the point they went out and bought or made a cosplay  of it!


I love to watch the newer cosplayer shine and become better, step by step. Everyone starts somewhere, no one starts with complete perfection, but even the people who have been at it for 10 years are not perfection. Everyone can learn something new and everyone does things completely different!  Keep up the hard work and keep improving that is what we all can do. And always help out the newer people. It would be great to see our community become amazing by helping out one another! YOUR ALL AMAZING!



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